Revenue Milestone

tarotsings.eth is collaborating with marketing manager, adrienstern.eth.

adrienstern.eth is set to recieve 5% of the first 50 ETH that comes in.

As an incentive, once the path reaches a milestone of 50 ETH, adrienstern.ethโ€™s cut will change to 10% of the next 100 ETH that flows through the path.

Once tier 2 reaches the milestone of 100ETH, adrienstern.ethโ€™s cut goes up to 15% in the final distribution tier.

  1. Enable tiers and set tier 1 limit to 50 ETH.

  2. Set a second tier limit of 100 ETH and adjust recipient splits to reflect the revenue milestone.

  3. Set Final Funds Distribution for the final splits once the goal is met.

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