Viewing your Revenue Path

Revenue Path Page

Your Revenue Paths overview page displays all of your existing revenue paths in a grid. Click the "View ->" button on any of them to open the corresponding Revenue Path Page.

When you visit your Revenue Path's summary page, you will be able to see the following info at the top:

  • Revenue Path Name

  • Revenue Path Address: any funds that are sent to this address will be distributed according to the logic used when setting up your Revenue Path

  • Owner: if your connected wallet is the owner of the Revenue Path

  • Mutable: if your Revenue Path is mutable

  • Fee: if you've enabled Tiers on your Revenue Path, you will see the 1% fee tag

  • Kebab Menu (3 vertical dots):

    • Copy Path Address

    • Display a QR code for your Revenue Path address

    • Copy the Revenue Path page URL

    • View Path activity

    • Edit Revenue Path: if mutable, you are able to edit your Revenue Path by clicking this button

Summary Boxes

Each Revenue Path summary page displays the following information:

  • Path Revenue: the total amount of funds sent to this Revenue Path

  • Total Earnings: your total earnings from this Revenue Path

  • Withdrawn: the total amount in USD that you have withdrawn from this Revenue Path

  • Available: the amount of funds you can withdraw right now from this Revenue Path

Funds Tab


On the Tokens table, you will be able to see your balances in ETH, WETH, USDC and DAI. If you are using the Polygon network, you will see MATIC and WMATIC in place of ETH/WETH.

Note that other tokens could be sent to your Revenue Path address, however they will not be displayed here. Contact us if you have received a token that's not listed above, and our team can help you retrieve those tokens.


On the Transactions table, you will be able to view (and download) a list of all transactions on your Revenue Path. These include:

  • Deposits: any incoming token into your Revenue Path

  • Withdrawal: any withdrawal from a Revenue Path Collaborator

  • Fee: a Reveel fee, if applicable

You can filter the table to show any of these transaction types.

Finally, you can select which wallet to display the aforementioned tables for - via the 'All Wallets' drop down. By default, funds are displayed for all wallets. Choose one of the individual recipient wallets to view its funds and transaction history.

Tiers Tab

The Tiers tab shows the different Tiers (if enabled) for your Revenue Path, as well as the Final Distribution Tier. In this view, you are able to see the progression of your Revenue Path:

  • Tier(s) that have been completed

  • Tier you are currently on

  • Tier(s) coming up

You can filter these Tiers by a specific wallet via the dropdown in the top right of the UI. When selecting a specific wallet, only Tiers which that wallet is part of will be displayed. By default, All Collaborators (all wallets) is enabled. In the below example, the admin wallet (0x7761...) is shown.

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