Withdrawing Funds

Pro tip: to process withdrawals, you need a small amount of ETH in the wallet you are withdrawing from, in order to pay for the gas fee required to process the transaction

Funds can be withdrawn from Revenue Paths in 2 different methods:

Individual Revenue Path Withdrawal

When navigating to a Revenue Path's summary page, you can withdraw each token individually. The 'Available' column will show the amount of funds that is available to be withdrawn. To begin the withdrawal process, click the 'Withdraw' button that corresponds to the token that you would like to withdraw.

A dialog will prompt you to confirm your withdrawal. Click the 'Confirm' button to continue. Your wallet (MetaMask) will prompt a transaction - once you accept it, the withdrawal process will begin.

Your transaction will take a few minutes to complete (depending on what value you set your transaction's gas to)

When the transaction has completed and you see the confirmation dialog, your funds have reached your wallet.

Withdraw All

You also have the option to bulk withdraw a specific token from all of your Revenue Paths.

Connect your wallet at app.r3vl.xyz to view your total sum of available funds across all tokens and all Revenue Paths that you are part of.

To begin the bulk withdrawal process for a specific token, click the 'Withdraw' button, and follow the dialog steps that appear.

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