Updating your Revenue Path

Updating Mutable Revenue Paths

Your Revenue Path can only be updated if Mutability was enabled during the creation process.

Mutable revenue paths can be edited by selecting "Edit Path" on revenue paths where you are an admin.

Once you've opened the edit view, you can update your revenue path as needed at the Tier level.

There are 4 states that define if a Tier can be updated:

  • Completed: Tiers in this state cannot be edited, as they are complete

  • In Progress: only the Tier limit can be edited

  • Not Started: all aspects can be edited

  • Continuous: Collaborators can be removed and/or added, and Share can be updated. This only applies to the Final Distribution Tier.

To view the state of a Tier in your revenue path, hover your mouse over the progress indicator in the top right corner of the Tier overview.

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