NFT Marketplace Integrations

You can use Revenue Paths on your favorite marketplaces (OpenSea, Foundation, etc.) and smart contracts (Manifold, ZORA, etc). Here is more information of how to set a Revenue Path as the receiving address for your NFT projects.

When releasing NFTs with Manifold, you can set a royalty rate and a specific address to receive those royalties. You can decide to do that at a Collection level or at a Token (NFT) level, so that if you have different collaborators for different Tokens, you can have different Revenue Paths for each of them.

For Collections: Go to the “Settings” tab, then enter the Path Address & royalty rate under “Default Royalties”

For Tokens: Click on the “Token” Tab, then on the Three Dots (menu) on the Token. You can then select “Set Token Royalties” and enter the Path Address & royalty rate for that specific Token.

Learn more in the Manifold documentation


When releasing NFTs through OpenSea, you are able to edit where earnings of a collection are sent out, by going to the "Collection setting", under Creator earnings. You can set the royalty fee for your secondaries for the collection (up to 10%). After delegating the fee, you can paste your Reveel Revenue Path address into the “payout address” field.

After doing so, both primary & secondary transactions will be sent to the Reveel Path & distributed across all collaborators.

OpenSea provides instructions here.

As of right now, OpenSea lacks the ability to do this for individual NFTs.


Foundation offers creators the ability to split (up to 3 addresses) within their smart contract. However, Reveel’s Revenue Paths has several advantages (see below).

You can still use Reveel on Foundation. Just go ahead and copy/paste your Revenue Path address into the required field when setting up a Foundation split. This will allow for you to get all benefits that come with the Revenue Path.

Some benefits of using Reveel’s Revenue Paths vs. Marketplaces’ native splits:

  • Setting Tiers

  • Unlimited number of collaborators

  • Save on gas fees by batching royalties

  • Transferability: paths are independent from any single marketplace


While Mirror does offer limited splits, similarly to Foundation, using Reveel’s Revenue Path offers benefits beyond just the split.

You can add your revenue path on Mirror by copy/pasting the address into the “Funds Recipient Field” when setting up an auction. This will automatically distribute the appropriate amount to all parties after the sale closes.


Zora does not yet allow you to specify a royalty address. We are working to help make this feature accessible in the future.

However, if you are a developer, using Revenue Paths on Zora is as simple as changing the “sellerFundsRecipient” to the Revenue Path address. By doing so, all future income will be sent and dispersed by the Revenue Path.

More to come

We’ll be adding more information about how to use Reveel with other platforms. If you can’t find the information you want here, reach out in our Discord and we’ll work with you to find solutions

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