Creating a Revenue Path

Navigate to and click on 'Revenue Paths' on the left side of the app. From there, click on the 'Create New Revenue Path' button.

Name your Revenue Path

To get started, name your Revenue Path.


If you want to enable Tiers for your Revenue Path (and want to learn more about Tiers), visit the section below:

pageAdding Revenue Path Tiers

Final Distribution Tier

Next, fill in the 'Final Distribution Tier' section. Add your Collaborators' wallet addresses (or ENS), as well as their corresponding shares. All shares must add up to 100% in order to continue. All future funds that flow through your new Revenue Path will be distributed accordingly to each wallet by the share percentages that you set.

Pro tip: unlike normal Tiers (if enabled), the Final Distribution Tier accepts Ethereum as well as any other ERC-20 token


You have the option to enable Mutability for your Revenue Path. When enabled, you can assign one wallet address that will have full control over any editing rights for the Revenue Path. When a Revenue Path is mutable, some of its aspects that can be edited are:

  • Adding or removing Collaborators

  • Updating Collaborator shares

  • Updating Tier limits

Pro tip: a Revenue Path can be set to Immutable after initially being set to Mutable - but not the other way around

Review Your Revenue Path

Once you've configured your Revenue Path to your use case, review its details to make sure they are correct. After you confirm the information provided is correct by clicking the checkbox, click the 'Create Revenue Path' button. Your connected wallet (usually MetaMask) will pop up, and you will be able to submit the transaction request for your Revenue Path.

Wait for Transaction Confirmation

Once you submit the transaction, it will take some time for it to be verified on the blockchain. Depending on the gas cost that you've set, this usually takes a few minutes. You can check the transaction by clicking the 'View Etherscan Tx' button.

View Your Newly Created Revenue Path 🥳

Once your transaction has been confirmed, your view will update and show your Revenue Path address. You can copy this address to your clipboard for immediate use. Alternatively, you can click the 'View Revenue Path' button and explore your Revenue Path in detail.

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