🚀Reveel Protocol - Docs

Reveel is a trustless & composable protocol for sharing revenue among collaborators. It helps creators distribute revenue in the most gas-optimal fashion with collaborators. Every revenue path in Reveel is created as an independent entity, which requires no external maintenance to operate.

Revenue Paths are the independent instances that receive funds and help the distribution process for a team. All ETH & ERC20 received in a revenue path will be distributed according to the tier specifications.

In our Getting Started section, we will walk you through on how to create and use a revenue path.

Key Features

  • Distribute funds automatically & trustlessly among collaborators.

  • Introduce complex distribution strategy using tiers.

  • Withdraw funds from a single or across multiple revenue paths together.

  • On-chain data management - no 3rd party service is used to maintain revenue information. Establishing the autonomous nature of each revenue path.

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